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Cast & Crew: Documentary Movie "Disordered"

Cast: Protagonists and their Family Models

Dancer and Musician

Maja is a dancer and Theo a musician. Both are independent, work irregularly and project-bound. The have known each other for four years and live with a different couple in a shared apartment. Their son Nino was not planned, but welcomed. Maja and Theo share house- and child work equally. Nino goes to daycare for two days a week, and on the other days, the parents juggle their appointments around in a way that always one of them is at home. They are unmarried and Nino bears the family name of Maja. In her leisure time, she likes to sing and climb, whereas Theo enjoys going to wellness.


Lawyer and Polymechanic

Kathrin is a lawyer (80%) and Martin a polymechanic (60%). They met in their schooldays but only became a couple years later. Kathrin never wanted children. Martin dreams of a large family. On two days of the week, Maxim is taken care of by Martin, and on “Mama-Day” by Kathrin. One day each, the grandparents look for him. They are married and the children have Martin’s last name. In his leisure time, he plays cycle ball, she volleyball. A second child is on the way, and the caring situation will change, because on grandmother cannot take the one day any longer.


Businesswoman and Househusband

Sandro is a full-time househusband by conviction, while Olivia works 100% as a controller in a leading position. They met 13 years ago, always wanted offspring, and have three children. They consciously renounce any form of external childcare because they want to keep the responsibilities and don’t want anybody to interfere with that. When Olivia learned that she’s pregnant with the second child, they had a civil marriage and one in church. All thee children bear Sandro’s last name. In her free time, Olivia visits her girlfriends and attends cooking courses. Sandro’s passion is his volunteering in the local fire department.


Crew & Credits

Direction / Screenplay
Verena Endtner


Dan Riesen

Verena Endtner

Dan Riesen
Verena Endtner

Andi Hug 

Color Correction
Pierre Reischer

Sound Design
Peter von Siebenthal, Projekt Studio GmbH

Animation Sequences
Storyboard: Nils Hedinger, Milan Hofstetter
Animation: Simon Eltz, Fela Bellotto
Backgroudns: Claudia Wirth
Compositing: Jessica Studer, Nils Hedinger
Sound Design: Tobi Diggelmann
Voices: Sina Bürki, Tobi Diggelmann
Illustrator Development of Ideas: Michael Kühni


In Co-Production with the Swiss Radio and Television
Urs Augstburger
Gabriela Bloch Steinmann