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Your support is important! «Disordered»

The director Verena Endtner and the producer of the Bernese film production company ALOCO, Dan Riesen, live an emancipated relationship.

An exception, as it seems. This is something they want to change with their documentary «Disordered». They show how it can be done differently by documenting three couples. By means of short animations, they additionally parody and question the pre-dominant gender roles.

«We want to entertain, to encourage discussions and thereby also change something in society!»

Verena Endtner and Dan Riesen

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First Impressions and Opinions on the Film

«An important movie, which in an entertaining and inspiring way thematizes a question we almost meet daily in our advisory activities: How can we accomplish all this together?»
Luzia Häfliger, Manager Mother- and Fatherconsulting in Bern.


«A great movie to get to know different family models and to reflect upon one's own distributions of roles.»
Markus Tschannen, Dadblogger in the Tagesanzeiger, tweets as @souslik and works as an author


«A well done and authentic insight into alternative family models, that shows both their pros and cons. The movie doesn't shy aways from stereotypes and demonstrates that family can also work in a different way.»
Dr. Philippe Gnaegi, Director of Pro Familia Schweiz.


«Our whole team really liked the movie.»
Christoph Adrian Schneider, SBB Diversity & Inclusion.

«I can really recommend this movie.»
Manuela von Ah, Wir Eltern.

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The Following Persons have already Supported "Disordered"

Beda Stadler, Susi Schlatter, Hans Greter, Bernhard Schrittwieser, Johnann Breite, Sybille Roth, Mathilda Wütherich, Madeleine Junker, Valerio Bonadei, Verdjinia Lazarova, Rosa Maino, Vanessa Kaeser, Matthias Brunner, Werner Schweizer, Gabrielle Ceppi-Kleinert, Meindert van Wensen, Jule Vögeli, Markus Gygli, Adrian Wüthrich, Nicole Gasser-Herren, Hans Peter Jost, Sandra Gafner, Mirjam Candan, Remo Ryser, Theo Känzig, Konstantin Gutscher, Tanja Dammann, Melanie Clerc, Nikolai Paul, Susanne Frutig, Gitta Gsell, Urs Ruprecht, Manuela Biedermann, Gisella Sutter, Tobias Hauser, Mareike Ebeling, Fritz Frutig, Johannes Braun, Patrick Hohmann, Madeleine Corbat, Simon Von Niederhäusern, Roger Beutler, Junker Lucien, Sabine Timoteo, Alex Bauert, Alex Schildknecht, Verena Sala, Deniz Ebinç Karagülle, Domenico Fiorante, Michael Philipp, Nina Bachmann, René Setz, Luc Schaedler, Ekaterina Petrova, Valerio Bonadei, Melchior Blum, Julia Monte, Jan Breyer, Carole Straub, Michael Treves, Hansjürg Sieber, Hans-Peter Graf, Ruth Baeriswyl, Gabriele Zwicklbauer, Mariusz Paszkowski, Selina Willemse, Serdar Ferit, Mani Riesen, Ann-Brita Dähler, Marc Christen, Jörg Affolter, Florian Schenk, Daniel Schneider, Michael Spahr, Alexandra Dähler, Bruno Bucher, Annemarie Glaser Meier, Zeno Tornado, Pablo Lobsang, Dominik Stauch, Juerg Luder, Ueli Wüthrich, Mary Coit, Juan Carlos Zeta, Brigitte Röösli, Thomas Koeppel, Silvia Tanner, Charly Einstein, Sonja Dennler, Anne-Sophie Bühler, Conny Thomann, Brigitte Lustenberger, Peter Schütz, Rosanna Clarelli, Pascal Bühler, Daniela Christen-Schäfer, Boris Weiss, Jürg Streit, Isabelle Zimmermann, Stefanie Christ, Reto Eller, Dan Riesen, Verena Endtner, Luzia Häfliger, Manuela von Ah, Christoph Adrian Schneider, Rajb Paul, Gertrud Häseli, Tobias Oberli, Catherine Bernhard.


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Elternbildung CH fosters parenting skills and supports the movie by communication.






Womenbiz: a portal for engaged businesswomen and entrepreneurs that supports the movie by contributing to the discussions and communication.






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Schweizerische Hebammenverband (SHV): communication, financial support.





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Media Partnership

Alongside our co-producer Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), we collaborate with various other media partners.



Test your Gender Biases Online

Do you think equality has already put down roots in your thinking and you don’t have any biases? It’s high time for an online test, which was published by Harvard University:

>Project Implicit 

This test is controversial, but nevertheless gives some clues, where biases are still prevalent and has to be fought against actively.