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Downloads to «Disordered»

Gladly we deliver to you, as a cinema operator, publicity material.

To you as a private person, we can also offer you advertising material and merchandising free of charge. Preferably, you could collect it here at our office at Hirschengraben 8 in Bern. But we also send the requested material via post. Fill in the form bellow and we’ll get in contact with you


If somebody wants to additionally support us, you are more than welcome in the supporting committee.

Material for Communication (Cinema, Journalism, Social Media, etc.)

  • Zip File still images of the film6 MB

    16 pictures taken from the film «Disoredered».

  • Download DCP of the Trailer6 GB

    in the Digital Cinema Package Format (DCP) for the theatres.

  • Help to change the gender roles!

    We set ourselves as a goal, to contribute our part in changing the gender roles of man and woman.

    >For more Super-house-men and careerwomen!

    Do you have an idea, how to give the movie a stage? Do you want to organize a movie night with your colleagues, or do you think your employer might be interested? Get in contact, we’ll support you!

    Additionally, you can order our merchandise.

    Thank You!

    Order your merchandising now!


    Show «Disordered» in Schools

    We want the youth to start thinking about the roles they want to live in, and that they talk with their partners about the division of house- and paid work. Like this we can prevent them of sliding inadvertently into the role of a mother or a breadwinner when at last the children come.

    If we can show the movie to ass many school classes as possible, we can encourage an active discussion amongst the students and thus question the gender roles. Dear teachers, please contact us, so we can organize the visits to the cinema. Additionally, we have available teaching material for you!

    >The movie can be watched in advance as Video on Demand with a VIP access (get CODE!) ALSO WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES